APNIC Training


Workshops are provided in a face-to-face environment and also include tutorials. They usually last between two and five days, depending on the requirements of the group. They feature hands-on network building exercises in the APNIC virtual training lab. The lab simulates the topology of an ISP with multiple operating regions.

Code Course title Duration
WIP601 IPv6 Essentials 3 days

Domain Name System (DNS)
Code Course title Duration
WDNS01 DNS Security 3 days
WDNS02 DNS Concepts 3 days

Network Security
Code Course title Duration
WSEC01 Network Security 3 days
WSEC02 Advanced Network Security 3 days

Code Course title Duration
WROU01 Basic IPv4/IPv6 Routing 3 days
WROU02 Intermediate IPv4/IPv6 Routing 3 days
WROU03 Advanced IPv4/IPv6 Routing IXP 3 days
WROU04 Advanced IPv4/IPv6 Routing ISP/IXP 5 days
WROU05 Advanced IPv4/IPv6 Routing Multihoming 5 days
WROU06 Advanced IPv4/IPv6 BGP 5 days

Workshop Daily Rates

  Member Non-Member
  Standard Early Bird Standard Standard
Category A AUD 160 AUD 128 AUD 240 AUD 192
Category B AUD 80 AUD 64 AUD 120 AUD 96
Category C AUD 40 AUD 32 AUD 60 AUD 48

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellations incur a 10% administration fee
  • Cancellations made less than five business days before the training event will not be eligible for a refund
  • If you cannot attend an event, you can nominate a substitute