APNIC Training


Tutorials are provided in a face-to-face environment. They are composed of presentations and demonstrations, and usually last from one to two days.

Domain Name System
Code Course title Duration

Code Course title Duration
TIP601 IPv6 Essentials 1 day
TIP602 IPv6 Deployment 1 day
TIP603 IPv6 Security 1 day

Internet Resource Management
Code Course title Duration
TIRM01 Internet Resource Management 1 day
TIRM02 Policy  
TIRM03 Internet Fundamentals 1 day

Network Security
Code Course title Duration
TSEC01 Network Security 1 day

Code Course title Duration
TROU01 Basic Routing 1 day
TROU02 Intro to BGP 1/2 day
TROU03 BGP Multihoming 1/2 day
TROU04 BGP Troubleshooting 1/2 day
TROU05 Intermediate Routing 1 day
TROU06 RPKI 1 day
TROU07 ISP/IXP Design 1 day
TROU08: Internet Routing Registry 1/2 day

Tutorial Daily Rates

  Member Non-Member
  Standard Early Bird Standard Standard
Category A AUD 120 AUD 96 AUD 180 AUD 144
Category B AUD 60 AUD 48 AUD 90 AUD 72
Category C AUD 30 AUD 24 AUD 45 AUD 36

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellations incur a 10% administration fee
  • Cancellations made less than five business days before the training event will not be eligible for a refund
  • If you cannot attend an event, you can nominate a substitute