APNIC Training

Support local capacity building

APNIC is actively involved in Internet infrastructure development throughout the region. We collaborate with regional and international organizations to provide training and educational services for Asia Pacific networking engineers. Support an APNIC Training event in your community

These educational programs are one of our core commitments to the community, so Asia Pacific organizations can maximize the benefits of their networks and use Internet resources in the most efficient way. Our full-time training staff travel throughout the region, delivering the latest in Internet technology and best current practices in the following areas:

  • Internet Resource Management
  • IPv6
  • Routing
  • Network Security

APNIC Training Lab

The IPv6 Lab gives participants hands-on experience building full IPv6 core, edge, and access networks. The same topology allows for the configuration of an ISP with multiple operating regions across the economy. The IPv6 Lab supports 4-Byte AS numbers and provides an environment for other test scenarios.

Support APNIC Training

Sponsoring or hosting a training event exposes your organization, products, and services to a targeted audience of Internet professionals in your local market. APNIC Training is marketed to our membership base of more than 4,000 ISPs, content providers, domain registries, government regulators, and National Internet Registries (NIRs). Learn more about APNIC Training Partners.

APNIC Training courses are organized in partnership with local hosts and sponsors where they are held. Maximum class size is 40 participants.

APNIC provides

  • Travel for APNIC Trainers
  • Training lab and equipment
  • Soft copy of all training materials
  • Certificates upon successful completion
  • Event registration system

APNIC Training courses must be open to any interested individuals outside your organization.

Training Sponsors

Level of Support Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Airfares for 1-2 Trainers        
Accommodation for 1-2 Trainers      
Catering for participants (1 lunch, 2 tea breaks)    
Suitable venue for class of 40 in a classroom setup  
High-speed Internet connectivity (2MB dedicated link), multimedia projector, flip chart, whiteboard, marker pens  
Airport transfers for Trainers  
Assist APNIC with logistics incl. catering arrangements      
Visa assistance for trainers if necessary
On-site logistics support at training venue
Benefits to you Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Prominent display of sponsor logo on APNIC Training website 1 year 6 months      
Display sponsor logo on Training event page
Marketing and promotional opportunities for sponsor
Recognition in the community as a Training sponsor
Acknowledgements in APNIC Annual Report and News bulletins
Complimentary passes for training (% of total class) 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%

Venue requirements

  • Training room with enough lighting and windows
  • Classroom for 40 participants
  • Instructor table with a 4-gang power strip
  • Enough power outlets for laptops of all participants
  • Flip chart, whiteboard, eraser, marker pens in different colours
  • Registration desk with 2-3 chairs
  • 1 lapel mic for Instructor
  • Audio system designed for training room's environment with an appropriate speaker system

Connectivity requirements

  • Network has no filters on SSH protocols
  • Testing to access remote lab in Brisbane prior to event is recommended

Accommodation requirements

  • 3-4 star accommodation within a short distance from the training venue
  • Non-smoking room with in-room broadband access