RPKI Deployathon

09:00 - 07 December 2021
18:00 - 07 December 2021
Time shown in UTC +10:00
Cliftons Sydney
13/60 Margaret St,
Sydney NSW 2000

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The RPKI Deployathon will be held one day prior to AusNOG 2021 and  builds on the previous Deployathons held at APNIC48 (Chiangmai) and APRICOT2020 (Melbourne). 

Guided by the facilitators, participants will work on how to:

  • Properly sign ROAs for your prefixes
  • Install, configure, and deploy RPKI Validators
  • Feed Validated ROA Payload (VRP) to routers
  • Configure infrastructure to implement ROV 

Participants will analyse the outcomes of each step, and summarize any improvements in operational processes to achieve these outcomes. The summaries/findings of each activity will be presented at Day-2 of AusNOG (lightning talk).

Participants will use Validators including RoutinatorFORTrpki-client, and rpki-prover, with accompanying routing implementations for IOS-XE/XRJunOSSR-OS, and others (BIRD, FRR

This is a full day event and is targeted to AusNOG Conference week participants. All participants need to register.

For more information please visit  the Deployathon Website 

Target audience

The number of available places are limited, participants need to have:

  • BGP routing experience.
  • Operated a live BGP network of at least 2 routers.
  • Operated and have access to an RIR member web site.
  • Participants also need to make a commitment to deploy RPKI and implement ROV in their network.

Other requirements

All participants need to bring a laptop with working WiFi.