Live eTutorial: Cyber Security Awareness

15:00 - 27 May 2021
17:00 - 27 May 2021
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This security awareness webinar is open-to-all from end-users to managers; and those who have the task of delivering security awareness training to their users. Learn about data security, 2FA, phishing, social engineering, viruses, malware; and much more!


This online tutorial is fee-free.

Target audience

Anyone who uses a computer. This is not limited just to technical staff, but is a good awareness training for all staff, from people in finance and HR, through to managers and technical staff.

Course outline

  • Why information security is important
  • Privacy and protecting information
  • Phishing and social engineering
  • Malware
  • General internet and password security
  • Physical security while in and out of the office

Local Contact

APNIC Training
Email: training@apnic.net