ThaiNOG: IPv6 Protocol Architecture & Address Planning tutorial

16:30 - 14 May 2021
19:45 - 14 May 2021
Time shown in UTC +10:00

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APNIC will deliver a live eTutorial on IPv6 Protocol Architecture & Address Planning at ThaiNOG.

For further details on the course visit – https://wiki.apnictraining.net/ipv6-20210514-online

For details of the event and to register visit – https://www.thainog.or.th/en/activities/thainog-day-3/

Target audience

Technical folks who are building or operating a service provider or enterprise network, and considering deploying IPv6 in their network.


It is assumed that the workshop participants have a working knowledge of IP Routing, are comfortable with IPv6 fundamentals (protocol basics), basic linux commands and how to use a router command line interface. This workshop is not an introduction. The lab exercises use Cisco CLI and Ubuntu VMs.

We recommend the following Academy courses be completed before the start of the tutorial:

Course outline

  • IPv6 address planning
  • IPv6 protocol, addressing and architecture

Other requirements

Hardware: It is highly recommended that participants bring their own laptop computers with admin rights.

Software: SSH/Telnet Client

Confirm Secure SHell (SSH) is allowed from the office or home network to access the lab infrastructure? Test ssh connectivity, try to connect to route-views.oregon-ix.net. For example from the CLI type: ssh rviews@route-views.oregon-ix.net

Local Contact

APNIC Training
Email: training@apnic.net