IPv4/IPv6 Routing

09:00 - 15 June 2017
18:00 - 17 June 2017
Hotel Yellow Pagoda

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This is a technical workshop, made up of lecture and hands-on lab work to teach the OSPF and BGP skills required for the configuration and operation of large scale networks that make up the Internet.


This event is being held at npNOG2, please visit the event webpage for full details and to register:


Target audience

Technical staff who are now building or operating a wide area service provider network with international and/or multi-provider connectivity, or considering participation at an Internet Exchange point, or University students who are interested to build network or considering deploying IPv6 across their infrastructure and to their end users.


It is assumed that the workshop participants are proficient with a router command line interface, have a good understanding of OSPF or IS-IS, as well as experience with using BGP in an operational network.This workshop is not an introduction. Participants are expected to have already knowledge and day to day operational experience of routing protocols.The lab exercises use Cisco IOS configuration syntax.

Course outline

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • OSPF design and best practices for Service Provider networks
  • IPv6 Protocol, Addressing and Routing
  • BGP protocol, attributes and policy control
  • BGP scalability (including Route Reflectors and Communities)
  • BGP Best Practices, including Aggregation
  • BGP multihoming techniques (redundancy and load balancing)
  • BGP Communities as used by Network Operators
  • ISP Best Practices

Other requirements


  • All participants are expected to bring his/her own laptop for the workshop. The event organizers won’t be able to provide any laptops. The laptop should be able to connect to Workshop wireless network.
  • Basic knowledge of Computer Networks is required.


Please note

Participants who successfully complete the 3-day workshops will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.