Introduction to SDN

09:30 - 26 February 2018
13:00 - 26 February 2018
Yak & Yeti Hotel
Durbar Marg

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Starting with a novel idea from a group of researchers at Stanford motivated by the hope for greater network programmability and flexibility, since clouded by relentless hype generated by vendors (and non-operational researchers), the community has been overwhelmed with different interpretations of what software defined networking is and what actual problems it can solve.

With an endless list of proposed frameworks, each serving different agendas, which should we implement and to solve which problems? Are ideas and proposals that focus on “what we would like to have” in line with “what is actually feasible and practical” given present day technologies and challenges? Do these new concepts require undoing what the industry has worked on for the last 2-3 decades? Do these solutions solve actual problems? Or is there a need to find a practical compromise between what we would like and what is actually doable? This tutorial is a high-level attempt to answer a few of the above questions, taking into account the current reality of closed proprietary vendor implementations and our hope for an open, programmable, and agile network infrastructure, an attempt at distinguishing the hype from reality.


This tutorial will be delivered at APRICOT 2018 – please visit the APRICOT website for full details and to register https://conference.apnic.net/45/register/ 

Please note

This tutorial will be delivered in two parts:

Part 1: 9:30 – 11:00

Part 2: 11:30 – 13:00