Network Security workshop

09:00 - 03 August 2019
17:00 - 07 August 2019
Hotel Holiday Inn Kolkata
Biswa Bangla Sarani,
Near City Centre 2,
Dash Drone, Newtown,
West Bengal 700136

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The objective of this workshop is to examine the elements involved in establishing and maintaining security for a network, and building an understanding and familiarity with the operations.

Device and network infrastructure security is also examined with a focus on establishing robust, stable, and secure networks.

It also includes an introductory level packet analysis for those who are performing incident response and investigation. Participants will explore tools such as wireshark, bro, tcpdump and others for dissecting network packets related to security incidents.


This workshop will be held at SANOG 34, please visit the event website for full details and to register –

Target audience

Engineers, Network Managers and Operators, and Security policy makers who are interested in network security and want to gain an understanding of the threats they face and how to mitigate such threats.


It is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of network operations, Internet technologies, OSI reference model and TCP/IP.

Course outline

  • Network security fundamentals
  • Vulnerabilities and Mitigation on different layers of the TCP/IP stack
  • Cryptography and PKI
  • Device and Infrastructure Security
  • Operational Security and Policies
  • Email Security
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Packet capture and analysis
  • VPNs
  • IPv6 Security
  • Cryptomining/cyrptojacking

Other requirements

Participants are advised to bring their own laptop computers with high-speed Wi-Fi (802.11a/g/n/ac) and administrative access to system. It is also recommended that laptops have Intel i5 or i7 processor, >=8GB of RAM and 30GB of free hard disk space.

Maximum number of attendees

36 attendees