Network Security Forensic workshop

09:00 - 22 July 2019
17:00 - 24 July 2019
Sekretariat APJII,
Gedung Cyber lantai 11,
Jalan Kuningan Barat 8,
Jakarta Selatan 12710

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This tutorial examines the elements involved understanding security threats, preventions and recovery.

Device and network infrastructure security is examined with a focus on establishing robust, stable, and secure networks and protecting the data and processes that occur.

The tutorial also covers the nature and structure of network attacks and the motivation that drives such online malicious activity, including: tools used in modern attacks, who is behind them, and their impact. The course further examines the actions and processes that can be used to identify, mitigate, and respond to such attacks.


This workshop is being delivered in-conjunction with the IDNOG6 2019, please visit the IDNOG6 2019 website for full details and to register – IDNOG6 2019

Course outline

  • Introduction to Cyber Security & Threat Landscape
  • Know your network & Audit Yourself
  • Fun with Honeypots
  • Practical Packet Analysis with Wireshark
  • Compromised server analysis
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Honeypots Review
  • Security Incident Response