eROU07: eLearning


15:00 - 06 March 2019 (UTC + 10)
16:00 - 06 March 2019 (UTC + 10)

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Layer3 VPN is one of the popular services offered by MPLS technology. This web-class tutorial is made up of lectures, which will cover the basic operation of MPLS L3 VPN services and a number of case study.


  • Free

All eLearning courses are free of charge for participants, with priority given to APNIC Members.

Target audience

This course is aimed at mid / high level technical staff of an ISP or enterprise who are involved in day-to-day network operation functions.


It is assumed that participants have an understanding of the OSI reference model, TCP/IP, MPLS LDP, MP-BGP routing protocol and router operating software (that is, Cisco IOS etc).

Course outline

  • IP/VPN Overview
  • IP/VPN Services:
    • Point to point
    • Hub and spoke service
    • Full mesh VPN
  • Best Practices

Other requirements

  • Updated web browser with Adobe Flash Player 11 or above
  • Broadband connection running at a minimum of 256kbps or better
  • Headset (to reduce noise)

Maximum number of attendees

50 participants per session