Network Security: Workshop

Network Security

09:00 - 20 February 2017
17:30 - 24 February 2017
Ho Chi Minh

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This workshop is intended for network engineers, managers, and policy makers to understand security threats, preventions, and recovery.

  • This workshop is being delivered at APRICOT 2017
  • Visit the APRICOT 2017 website for full detals and to register:

Target audience

Technical staff who are now building or operating a wide area service provider network and who also wish to learn more about securing their network infrastructure.


It is assumed that the workshop participants are proficient with a router command line interface, have a good understanding of the use of routing protocols within an operational network. The router portion of the lab exercises use Cisco IOS configuration syntax.

Course outline

  • Theat models
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Services
  • End User Hosts
  • Administrative

Other requirements

Participants are advised to bring their own laptop computers for hands-on lab exercises.