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Start Duration Delivery Name Location
26-11-2018 4 days Workshop WROU03: IXP and Routing
Supported by: Autoridade Nacional de Comunicação of Timor-Leste
28-11-2018 1 hour eLearning eSEC05: Introduction to Security Incident Response Teams
28-11-2018 1 hour eLearning eSDN01: Introduction to SDN
28-11-2018 1 hour eLearning eSEC03: IPSec VPN Design
05-12-2018 3 days Workshop APNIC-TWNIC Routing workshop
Supported by: TWNIC
10-12-2018 5 days Workshop Information Security – Intermediate
Supported by: KDDI Foundation and University of Computer Studies, Yangon
12-12-2018 1 hour eLearning eIRM07: WHOIS Database and MyAPNIC
12-12-2018 1 hour eLearning eROU08: MPLS Traffic Engineering
12-12-2018 1 hour eLearning eROU01: Routing Basics
18-02-2019 5 days Workshop IPv6 Deployment workshop South Korea