APNIC Training


eLearning is provided in an interactive web-based environment. It is offered free of charge to accommodate geographical distance and differing time zones.

The eLearning platform allows us to interact with participants using text-chat, audio, and video. The eLearning platform enables the presenter to share presentations, whiteboard, and desktop applications with trainees.

Three one-hour courses are delivered to three time zones fortnightly, targeting the South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Pacific/Oceania subregions.

These courses are planned in such a way that a particular sub-region may be able to follow through eLearning course offerings in a sequential way. Therefore at times participants may find the courses are not running sequentially on a given eLearning day. However this course rotation ensures that a given sub-region get to follow every eLearning session sequentially over a period of time.

Domain Name System (DNS)
Code Course title
eDNS01 DNS Concepts
eDNS02 Reverse DNS Delegation Procedures
eDNS03 DNS Security (DNSSEC)

Code Course title
eIP601 IPv6 Overview
eIP602 IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting
eIP603 IPv4 to IPv6 Transition
eIP604 IPv6 Address Planning

Internet Resource Management
Code Course title
eIRM01 Internet Registry Policies
eIRM02 Requesting IP Addresses
eIRM03 Best Practices in Managing Internet Addresses
eIRM04 Whois Database
eIRM05 Introduction to Autonomous System Numbers
eIRM06 Using MyAPNIC
eIRM07 Whois Database and MyAPNIC
eIRM08 4-Byte ASN

Internet Security
Code Course title
eSEC01 Network Security Fundamentals
eSEC02 Cryptography Basics
eSEC03 IPSec Basics
eSEC04 Intro to RPKI

Code Course title
eROU01 Routing Basics
eROU02 OSPF Basics
eROU03 BGP Basics
eROU04 BGP Attributes