APNIC Training

IXP Workshops in Vanuatu and Thailand

IXP Workshop in Thailand

In May, Philip Smith participated in a two day IXP Workshop in Thailand along with Randy Bush (IIJ) at the invitation of THNIC, to explore ways of establishing the first neutral Internet Exchange Point for Thailand. Topics covered included covering the benefits of peering, IXP experiences from other parts of the world, Exchange Point design, as well as round table discussions on the Internet landscape in Thailand.


Vanuatu Internet Exchange (VIX) and Training

Philip Smith was in Port Vila, Vanuatu to conduct a two day IXP Workshop during March 25 - 26 for the participants of the IX. Topics covered included OSPF and BGP sufficient for the network operators to participate in the peering mesh of the IXP.  This workshop has also been a success especially in the context of APNIC’s contribution to the development of Internet infrastructure in the region.