APNIC Training

APNIC Training events in China

Beijing4-small Champika Wijayatunga, APNIC Training Manager and Guangliang Pan, APNIC Resource Services Manager were in China to conduct a series of training courses in Beijing and Suzhou in conjunction with the China Network Information Centre (CNNIC) Open Policy Meeting (OPM) during late October 2013.

The program started with an IPv6 workshop in Beijing during 24-25 October, where more 30 networking professionals from a number of organizations in China participated. The training was carried out in English, with Mandarin translation provided by Guangliang. The participants studied various IPv6 technology areas, and the workshop included some practice in the APNIC virtual training lab in Brisbane to test various IPv6 configurations. The training was well received by the participants and APNIC is pleased to acknowledge the positive feedback received.

Trainings in Suzhou

Suzhou5-small Following the IPv6 workshop in Beijing, Champika and Guangliang traveled to Suzhou in China to conduct another IPv6 workshop and a DNS/DNSSEC tutorial during 28-30 October. This workshop was also well attended with 30 participants who traveled from various parts of China. The IPv6 workshop conducted in Suzhou was well-aligned with the Beijing course, providing further IPv6 DNS modules with a focus on DNS Security. These training activities conducted in Suzhou were also evaluated very positively by the participants and there was a clear demand for further training activities in China.

Following the training activities in Beijing and in Suzhou, CNNIC had the Open Policy Meeting on 31 October where Guangliang presented an APNIC update to the CNNIC member community. Champika and Guangliang had discussions with CNNIC and explored further opportunities to conduct APNIC training courses in China. There was a strong interest to conduct another APNIC training activity in conjunction with CNNIC's OPM in 2014 and APNIC training team is planning to incorporate this into the 2014 training calendar.