APNIC Training

Cyber Security Conference, Law Enforcement Agency Workshop and Network Security Workshop in Sri Lanka

CW LK Security small APNIC Training Manager Champika Wijayatunga was in Colombo, Sri Lanka to conduct various training activities in conjunction with the 6th Annual Cyber Security Week in Sri Lanka.

The event was organized by the Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team (SLCERT) and held during 2-8 October 2013. APNIC's support came through various knowledge dissemination activities such as a presentation at the Conference, a Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) workshop, and a Network Security Workshop focusing on Routing and DNS Security.

The Cyber Security Conference agenda covered a number of topics in cyber security, presented by various security experts. Champika's presentation highlighted the importance of registering Internet resources in the APNIC Whois Database and how to verify a holder's current "right-of-use" over an Internet resource. The conference attracted over 250 delegates from various sectors such as National CERTs, law enforcement bodies, ICT agencies, regulators, financial institutions, network operators, educational institutions and so forth.

Following the Cyber Security Conference, Champika conducted a workshop for the LEAs focusing on the challenges currently facing the Internet and how APNIC can assist these LEAs in particular, on the use of publicly available data in the APNIC Whois Database. Champika's workshop also highlighted APNIC's role in the stability and security of the Internet, ensuring the APNIC Whois Database and Reverse DNS zone delegations are accurate, reliable, and up-to-date. The outcome of this workshop was very positive and greatly received by the law enforcement community in Sri Lanka. As the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Registry, APNIC actively raises awareness about the need for responsible network management in the region through training and outreach activities.

Network Security Workshop

CW LK NetSec small Champika's visit to Sri Lanka also included a Network Security Workshop in collaboration with SLCERT, and focused on Routing and DNS Security. The workshop attracted 28 network security professionals from various industry segments such as Internet Service Providers, telecommunication service providers, banks and so forth. The workshop was fully booked well before the start date, so we are looking forward to conducting further training activities in Sri Lanka during 2014.

APNIC has also been able to further strengthen collaborative relationships between various organizations and institutions in Sri Lanka and during Champika's visit, he met a number of potential collaborative partners who showed their interest in supporting APNIC training activities in the future.

APNIC and SLCERT also exchanged tokens of appreciations to mark the success of this collaborative Annual Cyber Security Week.