About APNIC Training

APNIC Training aims to develop the knowledge and capabilities of Internet network operators, managers, educators, and regulators by helping them understand and manage Internet resources, as well as effectively utilise appropriate Internet technologies and techniques.

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Training objectives

  • Increase efficiency of your team members by giving them the knowledge they need to be effective in their individual roles.
  • Empower your staff with a full understanding of technology and processes, so they can undertake tasks with more confidence and success
  • Improve your services by developing your team’s skills to provide better services to your clients, while providing your team with professional networking opportunities.
  • Make the most of your resources with a deeper understanding of regional address management policies, which are the foundation of your network plan.
  • Apply best current practices to ensure your organization keeps pace with the latest industry developments.

The courses we offer are designed to teach participants to proficiently understand, configure, and manage their Internet infrastructure and services whilst embracing current best practices. Training materials are developed in collaboration with industry and subject matter experts and include materials sourced with permission of our consultants.

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Course formats

Training and educational support is provided in several formats to accommodate the needs of the Internet community and to ensure accessibility and continuity of learning.

Face-to-Face training

These courses are conducted on location across the Asia Pacific region.

Tutorials include presentations and demonstrations over half a day or one day.

Workshops include tutorial content and hands-on exercises using a training lab. These courses last between three and five days, depending on needs and availability.

Fees and cancellation policy

The Training Labs simulate an ISP topology with multiple operating areas, and are used to practice network configuration, building, and operations.

APNIC Academy

The APNIC Academy supports the people who build, operate and maintain the Internet. The easy-to-use platform helps network operators, educators and regulators understand networking best practices, principles and techniques; manage Internet resources better; and use appropriate Internet technologies more effectively.


APNIC Training collaborates with several partners to develop course material, as well as host and sponsor training courses.

APNIC Technical Assistance

APNIC trainers and other Internet experts also provide technical assistance on a cost-recovery basis to Member requests on day-today issues network operators face, for example, resource certification, IPv6 deployment, and reverse DNS delegation.

If you require technical assistance, please contact helpdesk@apnic.net.