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Start Delivery Event Location
22-Aug-2018 eLearning Introduction to SDN
22-Aug-2018 eLearning IPSec VPN Design
22-Aug-2018 eLearning Introduction to Security Incident Response Teams
27-Aug-2018 Workshop IPv6 Routing workshop India
06-Sep-2018 Workshop Intermediate Information Security New Caledonia
06-Sep-2018 Workshop Introduction to Software-defined Networking (SDN) New Caledonia
06-Sep-2018 Workshop Network Security New Caledonia
06-Sep-2018 Workshop IPv4 and IPv6 Routing New Caledonia
19-Sep-2018 eLearning IPv6 Address Planning
19-Sep-2018 eLearning IPv6 Protocol Architecture
19-Sep-2018 eLearning IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting
24-Sep-2018 Workshop Advanced Network Security Myanmar
03-Oct-2018 eLearning BGP Basics
03-Oct-2018 eLearning BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process
03-Oct-2018 eLearning Internet Routing Registry
17-Oct-2018 eLearning IPv6 Security
17-Oct-2018 eLearning Internet Registry Policies
17-Oct-2018 eLearning Network Security Fundamentals
31-Oct-2018 eLearning Intro to MPLS
31-Oct-2018 eLearning MPLS L3 VPN
31-Oct-2018 eLearning OSPF Operation and LSDB
14-Nov-2018 eLearning DNSSEC
14-Nov-2018 eLearning Reverse DNS for IPv4 and IPv6
14-Nov-2018 eLearning Securing the DNS
28-Nov-2018 eLearning Introduction to Security Incident Response Teams
28-Nov-2018 eLearning Introduction to SDN
28-Nov-2018 eLearning IPSec VPN Design
12-Dec-2018 eLearning WHOIS Database and MyAPNIC
12-Dec-2018 eLearning MPLS Traffic Engineering
12-Dec-2018 eLearning Routing Basics

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