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20-Dec-2017 eLearning BGP Basics
20-Dec-2017 eLearning BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process
20-Dec-2017 eLearning Reverse DNS for IPv4 and IPv6
21-Dec-2017 Workshop IPv6
Supported by: CNNIC
10-Jan-2018 eLearning IPv6 Security
10-Jan-2018 eLearning Internet Registry Policies
10-Jan-2018 eLearning Intro to MPLS
16-Jan-2018 Workshop Network Security and Internet Resource Management
Supported by: CSL
17-Jan-2018 eLearning Internet Routing Registry
17-Jan-2018 eLearning Network Security Fundamentals
17-Jan-2018 eLearning MPLS L3 VPN
24-Jan-2018 Tutorial Network Security Tutorial New Zealand
24-Jan-2018 eLearning OSPF Operation and LSDB
24-Jan-2018 eLearning Intro to RPKI
24-Jan-2018 eLearning BGP Basics
29-Jan-2018 Workshop IPv6
Supported by: LANIC
31-Jan-2018 eLearning DNSSEC
31-Jan-2018 eLearning Reverse DNS for IPv4 and IPv6
31-Jan-2018 eLearning Securing the DNS
01-Feb-2018 Workshop DNS/DNSSEC
Supported by: LANIC
07-Feb-2018 eLearning Introduction to Security Incident Response Teams
07-Feb-2018 eLearning Introduction to SDN
07-Feb-2018 eLearning IPSec VPN Design
14-Feb-2018 eLearning WHOIS Database and MyAPNIC
14-Feb-2018 eLearning MPLS Traffic Engineering
14-Feb-2018 eLearning Routing Basics
19-Feb-2018 Workshop IPv4/IPv6 Routing workshop Nepal
07-Mar-2018 eLearning IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting
07-Mar-2018 eLearning IPv6 Address Planning
07-Mar-2018 eLearning IPv6 Protocol Architecture
21-Mar-2018 eLearning Internet Routing Registry
21-Mar-2018 eLearning BGP Basics
21-Mar-2018 eLearning BGP Attributes and Path Selection Process
04-Apr-2018 eLearning Network Security Fundamentals
04-Apr-2018 eLearning IPv6 Security
04-Apr-2018 eLearning Internet Registry Policies
17-Apr-2018 Workshop SDN (Software Defined Network)
Supported by: MyIX
18-Apr-2018 eLearning Intro to RPKI
18-Apr-2018 eLearning Intro to MPLS
18-Apr-2018 eLearning MPLS L3 VPN

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Training news

SDN workshop launched at APNIC 44

The recent APNIC 44 Workshops held in Taichung, Taiwan, attracted 78 participants from 20 economies, with the new technology of SDN proving to be of particular interest.