APNIC training

Learn to better understand, configure, manage, and administer your Internet services and infrastructure, and embrace current best practices with APNIC training.

APNIC training covers topics including:

Thumbnail image for Internet Resource Management.
Internet Resource Management
Thumbnail image for IXP deployment.
Thumbnail image for Introduction to SDN.
Introduction to
Thumbnail image for IPv6  Deployment.

Thumbnail image for MPLS.
Thumbnail image for DNS/DNSSEC.
Thumbnail image for Network Security.
Network Security
Thumbnail image for Internet Routing.
Internet Routing

Training materials are developed in collaboration with industry and subject matter experts, and include materials sourced with permission of our specialist consultants.

Scheduled live online trainings are listed below.

Coming events

02-Dec-2020 TutorialLive online: Segment Routing tutorial - part 1South Asia
03-Dec-2020 AcademyWebinar: WiFi Security
03-Dec-2020 TutorialLive online: Segment Routing tutorial - part 2South Asia
09-Dec-2020 TutorialLive online: Segment Routing tutorial - part 1Oceania
10-Dec-2020 TutorialLive online: Segment Routing tutorial - part 2Oceania
20-Jan-2021 AcademyWebinar: Practical Threat Information Sharing

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KISS your networks better

APNIC Trainers are always reminding those managing networks of the age-old principle to keep it simple, stupid.

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